Pieczonka Proves the Power of Forgiving in The Canadian Opera Company’s A Masked Ball

13-14-04-MC-D-1573February 5, 2014. Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.

Verdi’s A Masked Ball is a blend of splendid elements. It has romance: Riccardo, the Governor of Boston and Amelia are in the toils of an irresistible attraction.  It has drama: Amelia is married to the Governor’s best friend and political advisor, Renato. It has intrigue: the Governor’s political opponents, led by Samuel and Tom, are planning to assassinate Riccardo, and Renato is his most loyal defender. The first act writhes with dramatic irony because Renato does not understand that the man he is loyal to is his betrayer. In the third act, which is a masked ball, all the masks are peeled away, and a tragic truth is revealed. READ THE FULL REVIEW


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